Most people know someone who has allergies whether it is sneezing from an allergy to dust or getting rashes from a certain substance. An allergy is a condition where a foreign substance (allergen) that enters the body triggers the immune system to react in various different ways, most commonly by the inflammatory response. There are a variety of allergens that can cause an individual to have an allergic reaction, such as peanuts, wheat, gluten, dairy, rye....the list goes on and on. Living with allergies can be difficult at times, especially during the spring...YIKES! However, as John Mellencamp said, "Oh yeah, life goes on" (Song: Jack and Diane). Yes it is possible to have fun with allergies outside of the few months every year where everyone goes through two Kleenex boxes and four Kleenex portable packs. Our mission here is to help guide you Kleenex lovers out there regarding simple information about allergies, recipes for people with food allergies, and any questions you may have.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lake Tahoe Trip

I recently went to Lake Tahoe with my family to celebrate Father's Day.  We drove to King's Beach in North Shore and played some frisbee golf, which is really fun.  Later we decided to go to dinner at Jason's Beachside Grille for dinner and I was excited because they had burgers, french fries, and chicken that was supposed to be really good.  As I always do, I read the menu and asked the waitress if I could get the nachos with chicken but unfortunately she told me that their chips were flour based rather than corn.  I was amazed because the majority of chips I eat are corn based even if I check to make sure they are gluten free.  I hadn't thought about this before until then but I guess I need to be more careful when choosing my chips.  I continued to order a burger instead without a bun or cheese so that it would fit my dietary needs.  One thing that most people know about me is that I love potatoes in all forms.  My family knows that whenever there are potatoes on the table for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they have to get their own potatoes before I touch them.  Otherwise, they will not get any for themselves to enjoy.  Anyways, french fries were the side that came with Jason's burgers so I was happy I could eat my favorite food along with my burger.  However, the waitress told me that their fries were beer battered.  Now for most people that makes the fries more crispy and delicious but in my case, I couldn't even eat them.  More than likely I didn't read the menu that well which is why it was more of a surprise when the waitress told me they weren't gluten free.  Just a reminder to always read into what each meal consists of and if you want to know exactly, feel free to ask the waiter or waitress that serves you so that you can ensure you can enjoy their meals.

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