Pittsburgh Pirates Game

I recently went to a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game against the St. Louis Cardinals last Saturday in Pittsburgh and found the experience to be quite enjoyable.  I went with a group of friends and we got out tickets in left field right behind the home run wall.  For many people who don't know much about baseball other than the basics and some players, like me, the only thing you need to understand is that during this 2017 MLB season, the Cardinals and the Pirates are both towards the middle to lower end of the NL Central standings.  The two teams both have 44 wins which led me to believe that the game would be close.  In the event that you have no idea what happened in the game, here is my basic run down.  During the first three innings, there were a couple of good hits and entertaining double plays and pop fly outs but no one scored.  The top of the fourth inning came around and the Cardinals got one run.  The fifth inning came around and the Cardinals scored another three runs.  The rest of the game was more fantastic double plays and one amazing catch by Andrew McCutchen but no one scored.  The Cardinals did win 4-0 in the end.  The most important part about the game to me wasn't the game but the food.  This was the first stadium I've been to in a while that has gluten free hot dogs and burgers. Most places I've gone to have Mexican food which still is great, but there is something about a delicious burger that is satisfying.  The hot dog that I had was $6 which isn't that expensive when you take into consideration all the other prices for food.  Overall, I would say that they had good options for people with gluten allergies.  The buns for the hot dog came prepackaged and clean gloves were put on by the employee to take the package off and place the hot dog into the bun.  The next to you think twice about going to a Pirates game, don't.  I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the food and time I spent with friends. I even met some other people that sat near me which made the game that much better.


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