Wisdom Teeth Removal

So it has been a while since I posted and I apologize for that but I wanted to let you in on one of my newest experiences, getting my wisdom teeth removed! No, it is not as fun as the videos on Youtube and Instagram make it seem.  However, it wasn't the worst experience.  It was my first time having surgery and while it is not a major surgery, it was major in my life because it was my first surgery.  It was weird going into the room because I felt totally normal and excited to see what events were going to unfold.  I always thought that they would put me to sleep through the old "countdown from 10 through the mask".  Sadly, I only had an anesthesiologist who put an I.V. in and pushed some medications into my body.  He said softly, "You should be feeling these right about......now." Just like that, I was out.  I woke up later to the nurse telling me to keep my eyes open and I could barely because I was so weak and tired.  I scanned the room and people were gathered around saying hello and moving a wheelchair around to bring me outside to meet my parents, who would take me home.  I didn't remember much after the surgery until I got home and was icing my mouth while half watching The Force Awakens and half falling asleep.  Unfortunately, my mouth didn't heal as fast as my older siblings which made sense given my autoimmune issues and how my body has always functioned.  My body has always had a more difficult time healing itself due to my medical issues that are Hashimoto's, Chronic Urticaria, asthma, and a hefty list of allergies to food and mother nature.  I was put on more pain medications to help ease the pain I was having and by the beginning of the third week, I felt a lot better.  The sockets in my mouth are still there and I have to clean them out with the plastic syringe so they don't get infected.  I'm just happy I got my teeth out before my mouth started getting really painful because at the time I was beginning to feel my wisdom teeth pushing my other teeth to the side to make room.  Thankfully, Dr. Straw got me in on short notice and made my smile look better by taking my chompers out.  If you are getting your wisdom teeth pulled soon or you just hate the thought of surgery, don't be too concerned.  The surgery is painless with medication and normally the first week is the worst, unlike my case.  The first day won't hurt too much because you will still be on a high dosage of pain medications.  The second day will be more painful and your cheeks will begin to swell.  But the third day...man.  That day I looked like a chipmunk with food in my mouth.  The pain level goes down but obviously, your cheeks will look the largest on the third day.  Then, your pain and swelling should begin to decline and all you need to do from there is rinse out your sockets so no food causes an infection.  If you are like me and have complications after the surgery, I recommend speaking with your doctor who performed the surgery as they will direct your concerns and assess what actions should be done to help you feel better.


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