College and the Swing of Life

Oof, it has been some time y'all.  My apologies for not writing more often.  I hope everyone has had an amazing last year and a great first month of 2019 so far.  In the last year, I graduated from high school and am currently attending Texas A&M University to pursue a biology degree.  I know some of you guys might be thinking, why would you leave California to go to school in Texas in the middle of nowhere?  Well, it's a long story but it boiled down to how challenging the school is, the accommodations they told me they would make for my lifestyle, and obviously football.  Let me just start out by saying that I love my school.  I could not be prouder to attend such an amazing university and live with some amazing people.  My first semester flew by as I made new friends, participated in challenging classes, and enjoyed the Aggie football team win games under our new head coach Jimbo Fisher!  I honestly could not have asked for a better education and social school combination.  Not to say that I have changed into a big "yee yee" dude, I'm still the same person.  The school is an amazing experience with all its traditions and various clubs/organizations.  Now let's dive right into the details.  I chose this school because it is known for being a difficult school.  And yea, I hit my first difficult professor in my very first semester.  It was rough but I managed the workload and learned how to study more effectively.  This school is not easy by any means but the faculty is openly willing to help each student succeed via their Student Instructor (SI) meetings, office hours, and by answering any questions at all times.  The second reason I chose this school is that of their accommodations for students with disabilities.  As a freshman living on campus in the dorms, they ensured a few things.  They made sure that I had a kitchen that I could access in order to cook food if the dining halls were inadequate.  So far that hasn't been a problem for me because the dining halls are always stocked.  They have multiple options for people who are gluten free and dairy free to eat.  I haven't gone a day where I can't eat a food item off the menu.  Sometimes they will have to go to the back for a bun or make chicken grilled instead of fried, but they always have food.  They also have a gluten-free fridge where they keep Udi's muffins, cookies, bread, and bagels.  Be careful though because they are gone quickly!!!  The Disability Services Office is super helpful and the teachers all understand that the students associated with the office need their accommodations so they are very helpful to those students.  Overall, I think that anyone with a food allergy would be very happy with their choice because this school will work around each individual student to make their college experience the best possible.


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